Garden update

It is still a little over a week until last frost day for my area. It is an off and on rainy day today. I’m happy for the rain watering the plants for me. I’m excited to see the plants growing. But, today, I started wondering when I can plant the rest of my garden… impatient, I know. I know you’re supposed to wait until last frost day for warm-loving plants, but I looked at the weather forecast for the next 10 days and it looks like there is no frost or cold overnight temps between now and last frost day. Whoot! Yipee! So I went ahead and planted the rest of my garden today. Hee-hee!

I planted something in each square of the raised garden bed and most of the cinderblock holes. I still have to finish filling a couple holes with compost and then I’ll plant something in them. UPDATE: Filled in the rest of the cinderblock holes later that day.

Garden planted

Garden planted

Starting from the upper left (using the orientation in the picture) I have:

spinach peanuts cucumber peas
carrots salad mix radishes lemon bee balm
turnips rutabagas red potatoes corn
romaine rutabagas purple cabbage rainbow swiss chard
russet potatoes carrots borage beets
kale black mustard yellow onions yellow bell pepper
beets celery red onions orange bell pepper
flax spinach purple sweet potato purple sweet potato
Another angle of the garden showing the wood stakes marking the corners of the squares.

Another angle of the garden showing the wood stakes marking the corners of the squares.

In the cinderblock holes I put: chives, rosemary, cilantro, basil, lemon basil, spearmint, nasturtium, marigold, and oregano. I tried to plant the herbs next to their companion plants in the main bed. Oh, and I planted two strawberry plants in cinderblock holes, too. Hoping to contain the spread of the mint and strawberry plants by putting them in those areas.

I planted a Chinese 5 color pepper seedling in the green pot just in front of the garden bed. Oh, and I scattered parsley and catmint seeds in the container holding the kiwi vines.

Kiwi vines.

Kiwi vines.

It was good to get out and garden in the scattered showers today. I got a little wet and muddy, but I loved it. I’m making progress on my garden, helping to hopefully provide food for my family. It was great. No matter if it is big holes with a shovel for planting trees or just poking my fingers in the dirt to make a divot for a seed I think getting muddy dirt under the fingernails from gardening is a good thing!

Now I have to find some patience and wait to see how they grow. And I need to keep trying to convince my husband that we need more garden beds for me to dig in!


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