First aid kits – yes, I have multiple kits.

Walking home from picking up my eldest from school, yesterday, my youngest tripped and fell and, yet again, I had to use the first aid kit I keep in my purse. With how many times I have had to use the kit in my purse, which is pretty much anytime we go for a walk, I’m really glad I have it with me at all times. Yesterday’s spill was pretty brutal and required more clean up than I could do with what I had with me in my kit. I did the best I could. Luckily, we weren’t too far from home and the large first aid kit there.

This got me thinking about first aid kits and how many I have. Some are small like the one in my purse and car and others, like the house kit, are pretty large. In all I have first aid kits stashed:

  • in my purse
  • in the house
  • in my car glove compartment
  • in the emergency bag kept in my car
  • one in each emergency bag in the tornado shelter area

Do you think that is too many? I don’t feel that it is. Especially with how many times I’ve had to use each of them (all except the ones in the tornado shelter area) with my rambunctious boys.

Purse kit

First aid kit and emergency kit I keep it in in my purse.

Emergency purse kit with first aid kit taken out.

This is the purse first aid kit. I keep it in the small turquoise pouch you see in the picture to the left. Which is, in turn, kept in my purse. I got the turquoise pouch for free from a box of feminine pads I’d bought a while ago. I thought it was very cute. I use it as my purse emergency kit. I want to stress that this is not a survival kit. It’s more of an out-and-about-and-someone-needs-something-everyday kinda kit. It has toothpaste, feminine pad, kleenex, floss, mints, lighter (I don’t smoke. This is more for birthday parties and such.), chapstick, sewing kit, small safety pins, medicine (tylenol, advil, antihistamine), and the first aid kit. Pretty everything you might normally carry in your purse, but kept together in one small pouch. I’ve seen a lot of little pouches like this for sale. Also, they don’t seem like they’d be very hard to make if you’re crafty. Hmmm, I think I sense a sewing project coming up. Maybe making seasonal themed ones…

Purse first aid kit

Purse first aid kit

The first aid kit is contained in a small ziplock bag that I got from something I’d bought a long time ago (something like a mix of buttons or such). It is a stiff plastic bag and I’m thinking of changing it out for something less likely to crack and break. I’m on the lookout and when I find something I’ll let you know. Do you have any recommendations?

If you don’t carry a purse, do think you could carry something like this kit in your pockets? If so, what would you use to contain it? How about in an Altoids tin. Just do a little search on Pinterest or google and you’ll find lots of examples. The new Altoids Arctic tins are smaller than the regular tins and really cool looking. My kit would fit inside one and I’d use one of those except it is a bit too big/rigid to fit in my emergency pouch. There are all sorts of tins out there that might work.

This kit has (using the above photo- starting from the top left and going across, then down):

  • 1 fingertip bandage
  • 1 antiseptic towelette
  • 1 knuckle bandage
  • 2 iodine prep pads
  • 3 tribiotic ointments
  • 2 medium bandages
  • 2 small bandages
  • 4 alcohol swabs
  • 1 sting and bite pad
  • 1 steristrip
  • 1 hand sanitizer wipes

After the spill yesterday, and using it last weekend during a walk in the park, I had to restock this first aid kit. It is so small that I am continuously having to restock it after every couple of uses. But I don’t want it any bigger or it would be too much to keep in my purse.

Home kit

I used to have all our band aids, medicines, thermometers, tweezers, and other various first aid items scattered everywhere in our bathrooms. Whenever we needed one of those things it was a little search to find it. It was frustrating and I just couldn’t seem to keep it all together and not have something get buried and be hard to find. Then one day, while at Walmart, I found a big tackle box that seemed perfect for containing every first aid item we have in one convenient carry case. It is much easier to just pull this one box out.

Home first aid kit with some of the bottom area items taken out.

Home first aid kit with some of the bottom area items taken out.

Home first aid kit.

Another angle showing bottom contents of the home first aid kit.

Home first aid kit.

Home first aid kit all together.

The home first aid kit has (referencing the photo to the left right (just tilt your head to the left to get the correct orientation:) )):

  • Left pull out (wounds):
    • knuckle bandages
    • blister bandages
    • tribiotic ointments
    • steristrips
    • small bandaids
    • medium bandaids
    • Nexcare waterproof bandages (medium and small)
    • fingertip bandages
    • antiseptic towelettes
    • digital thermometer
    • neosporin + pain relief ointment
    • isopropyl alcohol
    • 2 inch self adhesive stretch tape
    • 1 inch cloth tape
    • magnifying fresnel lens
    • tweezers, nail clippers, safety pins
    • 1 inch self adhesive tape
    • 1 inch waterproof cushioning stretchy tape
    • vaseline
    • hydrogen peroxide
    • witch hazel
    • floss
  • Bottom area (big stuff):
    • non-latex gloves
    • box of alcohol swabs
    • activated charcoal
    • Aquaphor ointment
    • 3 inch elastic self adhesive tape
    • 2 inch x 2 inch non adhesive pads
    • 2 inch x 3 inch non adhesive pads
    • 3 inch x 3 inch non adhesive pads
    • 3 inch x 4 inch adhesive pads/bandages
    • cotton balls
    • CPR mask (probably obsolete now with the new CPR guidelines)
    • Bite & sting kit
    • clotting sponge
    • children’s ibuprofen
    • children’s claritin
    • toothcare kit (mirror and picks)<–added after the photos were taken
  • Right pull out (medicines):
    • antidiarrheal pills
    • tylenol and advil pills
    • ammonium inhalants
    • pepto bismol pills
    • tums
    • antihistamine pills
    • antiacid pills

I still have room to put more stuff. I’d like to get tongue depressors and some essential oils. Do you have any recommendations?

Car’s glove compartment kit

Car first aid kit closed up.

Car first aid kit closed up.

Contents of car first aid kit

Contents of car first aid kit

My car first aid kit is very small. It only contains a tube of neosporin, around 5 bandages of various sizes, and a small swiss army knife that contains a blade, scissors, toothpick, file, and tweezers. I keep it in a small, plastic, magnetic case that came with a tube of neosporin I bought once a long time ago. The magnet is very handy for sticking to the side of my car- so it doesn’t get lost- while bandaging up the kids.

Car emergency bag first aid kit

I wish I could say more about this kit, but it is just a small, cloth pre-made kit I bought somewhere. It contains just the basics, but it has more than my purse kit and less than the house kit. The only thing I changed about it is I put a pair of non-latex gloves in it. This kit is used whenever we go on a hike. I’m thinking of moving the bite & sting kit from the home first aid kit to this one since there is a greater likelihood that we’ll need it during a hike.

Tornado shelter emergency bags’ first aid kits

The first aid kits in the emergency bags are store bought, pre-made types. They vary since I bought them at various times. Some are soft cloths ones. Others are in plastic cases. And one, in my youngest’s emergency bag, is a small Avenger’s tin first aid kit I found at Big Lots for a dollar. They all contain the usual assortment of bandages, wraps, wipes, and ointments. Nothing special about them.

Those are my first aid kits. All are needed, I think, for my family. I hope this helped give you ideas for your own.


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