The garden is growing!

Yeah! The plants in my garden are doing what they should. Most have germinated and are growing. I want to share it with you.

Here are the radishes. You can see the bulbs sticking up from the soil. Growing quite nicely in both locations in the garden.

The radishes. Cute radish tops.

Radishes. Cute seeing the radish tops peeking above the soil.

The little green sticks in the background, to the left of the radishes, is the corn coming up! And to the right is the salad mix. When it gets a little bigger I’m going to start harvesting the leaves. In the foreground is cucumber. One little seedling is poking out from the peat pot I sowed it in and then put in the ground.

Here are the russet potatoes. I’m excited to see the greens starting to come up. You can’t quite see it in the photo, but there are three stalks of greenish purple potato sticking up from the soil. The little plant to the right, closest to the camera is the biggest potato plant. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the potatoes, having never grown it before. I used an organic russet potato from my kitchen that had started to sprout. I just cut it up into pieces with a couple sprouts per piece and planted them.

Russet potatoes coming up.

Russet potatoes coming up.

The big plant in the background is borage. I’ve never tried growing it before, but everything I’ve read about it made me want to try it this year. Its pretty blue flowers and leaves are edible. The leaves are supposed to have a cucumber-like flavor and the flowers a honey-like flavor.

Here’s the whole garden with the hoops installed!

Garden growing!

Garden growing!

Garden growing.

Garden growing.

It seems the yellow bell pepper seeds I bought are duds. None of them have germinated. I’ve been trying to get the seeds to germinate since January. Every week I plant more seeds (at first inside and now outside) and not one has germinated. It is disappointing since I bought them from a reputable seed distributor.

Oh, I just discovered while making this post that I can make my photos different sizes in the posts! So cool! Expect more different sized photos in future posts.


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2 thoughts on “The garden is growing!

  1. miaslittlefarm

    I don’t know how I missed that you had a blog – I’m excited to follow!
    I love borage and always grow several plants. They attract SO many beneficial insects, and the leaves do indeed taste like cucumber (but they get bitter when they are bigger, so eat the tiny leaves)


  2. Mia, yeah, I have a blog. I haven’t advertised it because I’m a bit shy about it. Thanks for following.


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