Mouse in the house!

I just discovered a mouse has been in my basement pantry! It has eaten through the packaging of several items. UGH! NOT cool! Not cool!

My cats alerted me to the mouse’s presence. They were staring fixedly at the pantry and I couldn’t get them to come up from the basement. After clearing away items in the pantry I discovered the mess the mouse had made. I had to throw a bunch of food away. So sad.

I, also, found mouse droppings everywhere. That totally wigs me out. I took all the cans and plastic containers of food (luckily the mouse hadn’t eaten through those) and washed them in soap and water. The cardboard packaged items that hadn’t been eaten into I’ve set aside while I decide how to clean them. I might just throw them out, too, because it disgusts me.

I’m now deciding on whether to buy an enclosed/closable pantry shelving unit to replace the open shelves or to build one myself from 2x4s and plywood. Might be cheaper to build one myself. I’m going to go shopping today to look at my options.

I’m also going to buy some mouse traps since my cats didn’t do anything and let the mouse get into my food. At least they alerted me to its presence before more damage was done.


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