Singing in the rain

We’ve gotten a lot of rain today and more, severe, storms are expected tonight. It was raining so much today we had standing pools of water in the yard, even right next to the garden. I’m really glad I switched to a raised garden bed. An in ground one would have been flooded today.

I’m loving the rain. By the mud splattered all over my kids I think they were loving the rain, too. And I’m sure my garden is too, but parts of my garden are looking a bit beaten down. My beets and swiss chard are looking particularly beat down.

Beets and swiss chard

Beets and swiss chard looking a bit flattened.

Since severe storms are expected overnight tonight I decided protect the garden by putting on the row cover. I remembered seeing a picture on Pinterest of someone using pieces of hose to attach covers to pvc hoops and decided to try it. I cut up an old garden hose that I’d accidentally cut while weeding a while ago- and never thrown away. I guess I can get a bit overzealous in weeding and am a bit of a packrat. The hose walls were quite thick so I used a tin snip to cut it. The hose segments fit over the cover and pvc quite perfectly.

Garden with row cover on.

Garden with row cover on using hose segments to attach to the pvc hoops.

The row cover is 20 feet long by 5 feet wide. Well, five feet isn’t wide enough to go completely over the hoops. I had to get creative. I decided cut the row cover and piece it back together. Unfortunately, as you can see in the photo above, even then it still wasn’t enough to completely cover the garden. The open section you see is on the lee side of the garden so I’m hoping this’ll be okay.

I needed to attach the top section to the side sections. And the side section to the side section. So I used a method I’d seen used in Native American tipis. I cut segments of straight branches from the honeysuckle growing in my yard. (I use honeysuckle because, since it tries very hard to take over my whole yard, I use any excuse to cut it back. And it is pretty strong and straight.) Then I used the tin snips to cut small holes in the row cover and stuck the sticks through. Weaving them in and out, a bit like sewing. What do you think? Is there a better way to attach the pieces? Besides actually sewing with needle and thread?;)


Pieced together.

I overlapped the side sections and wove them together at both ends of the overlap. Maybe overkill, but I didn’t want them coming apart.

Stick attachment

Close up of the stick weaving.

Row cover pieced together.

Row cover pieced together.

I hope it holds through the expected storms. Fingers crossed!

UPDATED after the storm, the next morning: The hose pieces and sticks held through the storm! And the beets and swiss chard are looking better.

The row cover after the storm. Most of it held. Only a couple of the hose pieces fell off.

The row cover after the storm. Most of it held. Only a couple of the hose pieces fell off.


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