Hand pollinating my meyer lemon

My meyer lemon is blooming. Yeah! But I haven’t seen any pollinators around. Nay!

Meyer lemon blooming

Meyer lemon blooming

Since I haven’t seen any pollinators I decided to pollinate the blooms myself. I usually only have do this when it blooms while overwintering inside. Hopefully some pollinators will start showing up soon and do this for me.

I use a cheap paintbrush for hand pollinating my meyer lemon. I gently swab it around a flower. Then go to another flower and swab around it. Then on to the next, so on and so forth.

I have the brush labelled so I remember it is for pollinating the lemon tree. I keep it in a zip lock bag between pollinating sessions to keep it clean.


Hand pollinating

Pollen on the brush

Pollen on the brush



Its that easy. Well, it is easier if you’re not taking pictures at the same time.
Look at all those buds waiting to bloom.

Look at all those buds about to bloom.

Hopefully I won’t have to do this with every flower that blooms in my garden this summer!


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2 thoughts on “Hand pollinating my meyer lemon

  1. miaslittlefarm

    I want to get a Meyer lemon this year. I’ve never grown citrus before though. I will try to send some bees your way to help pollinate!! (This is my second try at commenting – WordPress is stressing me out today!)


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