May flowers

Lots of May flowers blooming. Ornamental flowers and some food plant flowers! Gotta share it with you.

The peonies. They are nice and big and smell wonderful. The bugs like them, too!

Love the big peony blooms.

Love the big peony blooms.

The miniature rose. Unfortunately, something is attacking my rosebush. I’ve had this for 10 years and it has always been beautiful. But this year over half the leaves have black spots on them. I just looked it up and, I think, it is from a fungus called “black spot”. I found out about two organic sprays to help combat this. The first is home made: couple tablespoons baking soda, 1 gallon water, and 1-2 drops soap. The second is wettable sulfur. I’m going to try the home made stuff first.

Miniature rose in bloom.

Miniature rose in bloom, plus bug.

This little oxalis. I bought it because I thought the purple leaves were pretty. But with the contrasting yellow flowers it is absolutely stunning. The picture from the plant info even shows the yellow flowers, but mine hadn’t bloomed yet. I’ve also seen other wild, green leafed oxalis blooming with their yellow flowers in the yard.

Pretty little oxalis

Pretty little oxalis

The yellow delicious tree. It is surprising since it doesn’t have that many leaves, yet. The honeycrisp is fully leafed out, but not blooming.

Yellow delicious apple blooming.

Yellow delicious apple blooming.

The blackberry is blooming. I noticed while walking in the nature park this weekend that all the blackberries there are blooming big white flowers. Mine started blooming this weekend, too, but the blooms are more pink.

Blackberry blooms.

Blackberry blooms.

The meyer lemon is blooming madly. I’ve been out there every other day hand pollinating it. The whole area around the tree smells wonderful.

Meyer lemon blooms.

Meyer lemon blooms.

Oh, speaking of pollinating. I have some good news! I have seen some pollinators flying around. Carpenter bees, some small (tiny actually) bee looking insects, and just today I saw what looked like a honeybee! Yeah! Also, something pollinated the blueberries because the bushes are now loaded down with developing berries. Since I hadn’t seen any pollinators I’d decided I wasn’t going to pollinate them myself this year. I was going to let them get established before fruiting. Looks like I was thwarted by nature. I’m ok with that.

Ahh, don’tcha just love spring?


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