Is that a mulberry tree in my back yard?

I was out working in the yard today and saw what looked like an unripe mulberry on the ground. I thought, “That’s weird. Maybe a bird flew it here and dropped it.” But then I saw another one. Hmmm…I looked up and the tree above was covered in what look to be mulberries! I’ve never seen berries on this tree before. I had done some heavy pruning on it earlier this spring to get more sun on my garden. I was even thinking of cutting it down to make space for something more useful. Now I feel kinda bad about it.

Mulberry tree.

Mulberry tree.


Mulberries. See the big cuts I did?

From researching mulberries this afternoon I found that they:

  • don’t like big branches cut off…oops.
  • live a long time-decades.
  • mulberries aren’t berries, but are multiple fruits clustered together
  • can grow 40-70 ft tall, depending on the variety–that can be a problem if it shades my garden.

Wildman Steve Brill’s website on mulberries has some great info about the tree varieties and harvesting. I’m not sure which variety I have. I’ll have to observe the berries and climb up and feel the leaves.

Here is some nutritional info on mulberries.

Now all I have to worry about is if I hurt this tree with the heavy pruning I did.

Oh, and sorry for the poor pictures. It was windy today and I had to zoom way in to get the berries to show up.


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2 thoughts on “Is that a mulberry tree in my back yard?

  1. miaslittlefarm

    Lucky you! Mulberries may be messy when they drop, but they make great jam, muffins, cobblers etc. They freeze well too, so harvest all you can!


  2. That’s what I keep hearing. It is in an area where I don’t have anything. So, hopefully we won’t notice the mess.


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