Salad greens

I know, another post about greens, but this is the first year I’m growing salad greens. I’m loving it. I love going out, picking what greens I want in that night’s salad, and serving it to my family. I’ve been doing this almost every day this last week, just that today I finally remembered to take pictures for you. For tonight’s salad I cut leaves from: European Mesclun mix, radish, beet, Swiss chard, spinach, parsley, cilantro, and basil.

salad greens fresh picked from the garden

Salad greens fresh cut from the garden

That little bit in the colander doesn’t look like much, but it served my family for tonight. Well, I added our favorite salad toppings–berries!( Store bought, but hopefully we’ll be harvesting our own soon.)–and dressing.

Add favorite salad additions and yum! The chicken breast thing is a Quorn vegetarian chicken breast.

Yum! The chicken breast thing is a Quorn vegetarian chicken breast.

The kids eat the homegrown salad better than store bought salads. My eldest said it is much yummier! Yeah!

The only thing I’ll do differently next year, or maybe this fall, is use a different salad mix. One that lists all the greens in it. The European Mesclun mix is yummy, but it doesn’t list what is in it and that is a bit infuriating. I’d really like to know exactly what greens we’re eating. Googling the description of each lettuce leaf I see growing isn’t helping.

Do any of you have favorite salad greens you like to grow?


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2 thoughts on “Salad greens

  1. miaslittlefarm

    That looks delicious!


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