Added two new fruit trees

I’ve been visiting the nursery again. It seems I can’t walk away without buying some great plant or two. I went to the nursery to ask a question about a weeping pussy willow tree in my front yard that I’d bought from them. I walked out with two more trees. I seem to have no resistance when it comes to buying plants. Is there a support group for that?

One tree was a columnar tangy green apple. It’ll grow up to 8-10 feet high and 2′ wide. Supposedly the apples are a lot like granny smith apples. My kids will love that. They had several varieties of columnar apple trees ( tasty red, golden treat, and blushing delight) at the nursery. I really love the idea of these columnar trees. I’m going to see how this one does and if it does good then I’m going back and getting more.

The other tree was a dwarf peach. It’ll only get around 6′ high and 6′ wide. I bought this because I wanted another fruit tree, other than apple, and it can self pollinate (meaning I only need one).

I don’t feel guilty about purchasing these. I had cleared away some brush on one side of my yard, freeing up some nice sunny space. (That’s where I discovered the mulberry tree.) So, I have the space for them.

I still haven’t cleared all the brush out on that side of the yard. Dreaming of what else I could put there….


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