White Pine (alpine) Strawberry Plants

Someone in my local gardening club had these strawberries that were taking over their herb bed and offered them to the group. I said I’d take one. They gave me a whole box full of the little plants! I planted 25 of them everywhere in my yard. They looked pretty wilted. I’m hoping some will survive…please survive.

Strawberries in the berry patch.

Strawberries in the berry patch.

I’ve wanted white strawberries. I’d even bought a packet of Yellow Wonder wild strawberry seeds this winter when I bought all my heirloom seeds. But the seeds I got were hard to germinate and the few that finally did germinate died quickly (I guess I got the flunkee seeds). I’d given up on having a white strawberry plant this year.

Then along came this kindness. I love this community of gardeners.

There is a whole species of strawberry that produce white berries. They’re white or pale yellow, but taste just like regular red strawberries. According to Strawberryplants.org the white varieties lack the protein that turns them red when ripe. Interesting!

I’m hoping that next year I’ll be able to return the favor and have something in excess to share with the gardening group. My irises are looking pretty crowded…


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