Hello, my name is Lorelei. I live in a metropolitan area of around a million. My house sits on .19 acres. And I live on a busy street. That seems like a bunch of points against being able to create a homestead, but I’ve seen where others have made it and become mostly self-sufficient in similar situations. I thought I’d blog about trying to become more self-sufficient and setting up an urban homestead to maybe help others…and as a record to myself of what works and doesn’t.

I grew up in the woods in the far north learning wild edibles and half-hearted gardening from my father. Now I’m in a big city in the south and not familiar with what is edible down here or what will and will not grow in my garden.

I’ve been gardening in my back yard for 5 years now. More of a hobby and a “Hey, kids, look what we grew and can eat!” kinda thing. I’m still learning what can grow here and how to grow it. In the past half year I’ve been wanting to do more and get more serious about it.

To build my homestead I hope to:

  • Switch over to more garden space, less lawn.
  • Keep bees.
  • Maybe get some chickens. (Though, that is low on my list since I’m pretty peeved at chickens right now. My neighbor’s chickens spend 50% of their time in my yard anyways- read this post.)
  • Build a space in my basement into a root cellar.
  • Plant some fruit or nut trees.
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