Garden happenings

This week some harvests are ending and others beginning. The peas and raspberries are pretty much done. I’m only getting one or two bites from them a day now. But now the yellow squash and blackberries are ripening and seed pods are browning.

Harvest from yesterday (not including the squash).

Harvest from yesterday (not including the squash).

Yellow squash.

Yellow squash

Here’s yesterday’s harvest. Not very much. But it was still delicious. The blackberries were juicy, plump, and so sweet. The squash is so nice and golden yellow. I’m going to slice this up and roast it. In the past I’ve been the only one in my family who likes squash. I’m hoping at least one my kids will help me eat this since it belongs to one of them.

Ripe blackblackberries

Ripe blackberries

Ripe blackberries on the bush before I picked them. These tasted so much better than what I buy in the store. I noticed a lot of ripe blackberries in the park during my run this morning. I’m going to take my boys berry picking there either tomorrow or Monday. Oh, I found only one ripe blackberry on my bush today.

Mustard seed pods

Mustard seed pods

I noticed some of the mustard seed pods have turned brown/tan. I cut the stalks to have the whole segments with the brown seed pods and then put them in a paper bag. I have the paper bag hanging with the seed pods inside to dry. From what I’ve read it should take two weeks for them to dry enough to use and store. I saw on another blog, Attainable Sustainable, a simple recipe for making your own mustard. I’m looking forward to making some!

Flax seed pods

Flax seed pods

As with the mustard seeds I noticed some of the flax seed pods have turned brown. I cut the tops (containing only the seed pods) off the stalks and put them in paper bags to hang and dry, too. Mother Earth Living has a good article about harvesting flax for the seeds and fiber. The Joybilee Farm website talks about harvesting flax for use as linen. Life TransPlanet website talks about harvesting it for the seeds. According to all the sites I should pull up the whole plant to dry when harvesting for either seed or fiber. One thing I learned is that if you want the flax for the fiber, you harvest before the seed pods ripen. Otherwise the fibers get too tough for making soft linen. Good to know! I’m going pull up all my flax today since mine are pretty much done flowering and have seeds pods.

Hope you’re gardening efforts are paying off for you!


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